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Shop men's shaving creams and gels to help you to combat razor irritation, redness, ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Shave for Men

Shave for Men

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Showing 1 products
Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream Blue Eagle

Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream Blue Eagle

An unscented men’s shave cream for sensitive skin.

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150 ml

Achieve a Close Shave with Kiehl's Shaving Creams & Gels

Kiehl's New Zealand stocks a wide variety of shaving creams and gels to help men get the perfect shave. Using shaving cream helps to protect the skin from the razor blade and can help reduce razor burn by ensuring less friction. It also has the power to soften facial hair to help achieve a closer and better shave. Leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated with Kiehl's range of premium shaving gel and creams now.

Shaving Products Perfect For Your Skin's Needs

There are a variety of shaving gels and creams available at Kiehl's NZ, each designed to provide a close, comfortable shave. When choosing a shaving cream or gel, it's important to consider your skin type and any sensitivities you may have. For example, those with sensitive skin may benefit from using a soothing shaving cream like the Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream Blue Eagle. You may also want to consider what ingredients the shaving cream is formulated with and how they will leave your skin feeling. Kiehl's shaving cream for men is formulated with powerful ingredients that help you achieve the perfect shave. However, all shaving products are formulated with different ingredients to help achieve different results. For example, the Utimate Brushless Shave Cream White Eagle is formulated with Menthol to help provide an instantly refreshing feeling on the skin.

Shaving Cream or Gel: The Perfect Addition to Any Men's Skincare Routine

When using a shaving cream or gel, it's important to apply it evenly to the face or other area being shaved. The best time to shave is after the shower while the skin follicles are still warm and soft. First apply a men's cleanser, which will help clean the skin of any dirt, debris and oil. Apply the shaving cream or gel and allow the product to sit on the skin for a minute or two before starting to shave. This will give the cream or gel time to work its magic and help soften the hair. Then, shave the facial hair going with the grain. Complete your routine with a facial serum and men's moisturiser to help target any skin concerns and keep the skin hydrated. Achieve smooth, soft and hydrated skin thanks to Kiehl's New Zealand's shaving product range full of premium shaving gels and creams."

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