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Ultra-hydrating lip treatments to smooth, soften and moisturise dry lips.

Lip Care

Lip Care

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Showing 1 products
Lip Balm #1

Lip Balm #1

A moisturising lip balm that helps soothe and smooth dry lips.

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Achieve Healthy Lips with Kiehl’s New Zealand’s Lip Care Products

Have you been taking care of your lips as well as the rest of your skin? Your lips need skincare too, which is why we developed a range of nourishing lip care products formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients derived from nature.

Kiehl’s New Zealand’s lip care products are designed to shield your lips from the harsh forces of nature by forming a protective barrier between your lips and the environmental aggressors your encounter each day. Just like any other part of your skin, your lips are vulnerable to damage from sun exposure, harsh winds and cold temperatures. In fact, your lips can also be especially vulnerable to dryness because they’re constantly exposed to hot or cold food and drink. After all they go through, your lips can easily become dry, dull looking and dehydrated. That’s why it’s important to take care of your pout with the Kiehl’s range of dedicated lip care products, from lip balm to lip masks.

Lip Care Formulated with Powerful Hydrating Ingredients

Our hydrating lip balms and masks are formulated with ultra-moisturising botanical and naturally derived ingredients to smooth, soften and comfort dry lips. When it comes to lip moisturiser, lip balm formulas are designed with a thick, creamy texture to form a protective barrier on the delicate skin of your lips.

Blanket your lips in a layer of nourishing moisture with ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin A, mango butter and more. Our lip balms also feature squalane and coconut oil. Featured in our Lip Balm #1, squalane is a highly refined botanical lipid derived from olives and known for its easy absorption and ability to help support the skin’s natural barrier. Coconut oil serves a similar purpose, with the added benefit of softening the skin. Like you would use a face mask, the Buttermask for Lips is a more intense lip treatment versus a lip balm, and will help restore hydration for plump, smooth lips.

Kiehl’s lip care products are also suitable for use as a lip balm for sensitive lips. No matter your skin type, there’s a Kiehl’s lip balm or mask for you.

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