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Wake up with younger-looking skin with a routine that works overnight.

Midnight Recovery

Midnight Recovery

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Showing 2 products
Midnight Recovery Concentrate Facial Oil
Best Seller

Midnight Recovery Concentrate Facial Oil

A night time face oil that visibly nourishes skin as you sleep. Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a botanical oil for face formulated with a blend of lavender oil, squalane and evening primrose oil to help you achieve radiant and younger looking skin by morning. After use, this night time face oil will leave skin feeling hydrated, soft and supple.

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Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream

Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream

A 98.6% natural night cream that visibly plumps and restores radiance by morning

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50 ML

Midnight Recovery: Skincare for Your Beauty Sleep

Wakeup visibly refreshed with your most radiant, younger looking complexion with the Kiehl’s New Zealand’s Midnight Recovery skincare collection. This collection creates a routine that works overnight featuring a Kiehl’s night serum, cleansing oil and night eye cream enriched with nourishing botanical ingredients.

Why is it important to nourish your skin during the night?

Beauty sleep is not a myth! Your body’s natural circadian rhythm runs on a 24 hour clock, including your skin cells. During the night time, your skin stimulates its recovery functions from daily stressors. This means your night skincare routine is equally as important as your daytime routine, with its own unique benefits.

Enter the intensively beneficial botanicals featured in the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery products. This collection contains a makeup-removing cleanser designed to leave skin soft and hydrated. As a Kiehl’s cleansing oil formula, this cleanser banishes makeup without drying out your skin.

Follow up with our best-selling Midnight Recovery Concentrate night serum to visibly revitalise your skin while you sleep. Our expertly selected trio of highly efficacious botanical ingredients help improve firmness and visibly smooth your skin’s appearance overnight. Your skin will feel deeply hydrated and more radiant by morning. This night serum is formulated with luxurious lavender essential oil, known for its skin comforting properties and relaxing aroma to help prepare the body and mind for sleep. Olive-derived squalane provides hydration, as this botanical lipid absorbs easily to help support the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Evening primrose oil completes the trio to help maintain skin elasticity and hydration.

Our Midnight Recovery night cream for eyes is enriched with the same powerful botanical trio as our Midnight Recovery Concentrate, with the addition of anti-inflammatory butcher’s broom extract. Also known as Ruscus Aculeatus Root, this ingredient has been used for centuries in apothecary remedies. Within our night eye cream, it’s known to help improve microcirculation and puffiness.

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