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Reduce oil and acne blemishes with this cult-classic skin care for oily and acne-prone skin.

Blue Herbal

Blue Herbal

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Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser Treatment

Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser Treatment

A foaming Salicylic Acid Cleanser formulated for acne-prone skin. This acne cleanser gently helps purify pores and remove traces of dirt and oils to help banish breakouts. Tested under dermatologist supervision, this gentle salicylic acid cleanser is the perfect first step to your acne skin routine. Shop Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser now!

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Tackle Blemishes with Kiehl’s New Zealand’s Blue Herbal Skincare

The Kiehl’s Blue Herbal range is a cult-classic collection of skincare for oily skin and complexions prone to acne or blemishes. This Blue Herbal acne-prone skincare collection utilises naturally derived and botanical ingredients to target blemishes at the source. From our Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Spot Treatment to our Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Cleanser for acne-prone skin, this multi-step skincare routine helps banish impurities, remove excess sebum and refresh your complexion.

Powerful Formulas to Promote Skin Health & Reduce Blemishes

The Blue Herbal collection is enriched with highly efficacious ingredients known for their benefits for oily or acne-prone skin types.

Salicylic acid one of the most well-known ingredients featured in skincare for acne-prone skin. This beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) is found in our Blue Herbal Cleanser for acne-prone skin and our Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Spot Treatment. Salicylic acid works by chemically exfoliating your skin and unclogging pores to help refine skin texture and reduce blemishes.

Read our ‘What is Salicylic Acid’ guide to find out more about this powerful ingredient.

Frankincense, derived from the Boswellia tree, has been used ceremonially for centuries before we incorporated this ingredient into our skincare for acne-prone skin. Within our Blue Herbal formulas, Frankincense can help reduce excess sebum production to promote a more balanced complexion.

Within this collection of skincare for acne-prone skin, our toner for oily skin features refreshing astringent ingredients including camphor and menthol. Both of these naturally derived ingredients help to cool and invigorate an oily, acne-prone complexion.

What causes acne-prone skin?

Acne-prone skin can be caused by overactive sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin, which can lead to clogged pores. When a clogged pore becomes infected, this results in a blackhead, blemish or pimple. Acne-prone skin is often associated with the teenage years, however adults can also experience this skin concern. Common causes of adult acne-prone skin include fluctuating hormones, medications, stress, comedogenic skin or hair products and family history.

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