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Plants are used within skincare where a skin type requires natural and gentle formulas. Calendula, an ancient medicinal herb, provides highly efficacious results for all skin types including sensitive skin. An antioxidant powerhouse, calendula can help to achieve radiance in skin without stripping or causing stress to the epidermis..

Incorporating a plant like calendula into your skincare routine is a proactive and simple way to achieve brighter and happier skin. Ideal multi-step routines are those that work in tandem with each other to support skin’s ability to strengthen itself. Our range of calendula products offers beautiful and brightened skin.

You may not have heard of this transformative plant before. If you’re asking ‘what is calendula good for’, the benefits for your skin type are explained below. To understand what calendula is and how to best to incorporate calendula skincare into your routine, read our comprehensive guide below..

calendula benefits

What is calendula?

Technically termed Calendula offcinalis, and also known more simply as pot marigold, the calendula flower is characterised by its bright orange petals and fresh aroma. The benefits of calendula is widely known, having been used for centuries in both traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Calendula’s orange petals are a feature of our cleansing and hydrating formulas. It’s compound structure – including Oleanic Acid, Lupeol, Quercetin, α Amyrin and β Amyrin – contains antioxidants, which protect skin and reduce discomfort.

Benefits of calendula for skin

The radiance-boosting compounds of calendula benefit all skin types, including those that experience sensitivity such as facial redness or tightness in skin. For sensitive skin types, calendula’s antioxidant-rich petals can help to neutralise the discomfort caused by external stressors such as sun damage, pollution and bacteria. Calendula skincare helps those with dry skin types by addressing the moisture loss in skin barrier for renewed plumpness. For those who experience an excess of oil or blemish-prone skin, the antibacterial compounds of the flower help to clear impurities to improve problem areas.

To know how to best reap the dewy, anti-ageing and brightening benefits of calendula, see our uses of this hero ingredient below.

calendula benefits

Kiehl’s range of calendula skincare

Our range of calendula for skin is formulated with concentrated Calendula Extract, so as to enrich the skin with the maximum benefits that this flower brings. To preserve and utilise the efficacy of calendula, we plant, dry and then infuse the flower for around 9-10 months. Understand the science behind this transformative skincare by exploring how we use calendula below.

Our calendula petals

Harvested from January to March, our process begins with planting the Calendula seeds. They’re then grown, handpicked and dried. Our calendula flowers are picked by hand so as to keep the petals intact, and are then manually sundried without artificial interference. We compost any unused parts of the flower.

Our calendula formulas

Because the benefits of calendula are versatile, our formulas range depending on use. Both our Calendula toner and Calendula mask are infused with whole flower petals. The golden tones of these products reflect the petals colour. To develop the Calendula water cream, the petals are steeped at a high temperature, in order to release the flowers hydrating compounds.

Calendula toner and the Smithsonian

The unique heritage of our Calendula toner is included in the Smithsonian Institute’s Cosmetics And Personal Cate Products Collection. As part of the National Museum of American History, our skincare is recognised for its long standing formula

calendula benefits

Calendula skincare routine

A skincare routine does the most when simple and enriched with natural and harmonious ingredients. To promote and protect the health of your skin, we suggest implementing calendula skincare. Mild enough for sensitive skin, and beneficial for all skin types, this flower is a crucial component of our skincare philosophy. For the ideal calendula products, see below.

Gentle face wash

As part of your skincare routine, it’s important to refresh and renew skin at the start and end of each day. To experience the benefits of calendula at this cleansing step, apply the Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. This effective and gentle facial cleanser lifts harmful stressors like dirt and bacteria from skin, and enriches tired or dry skin with a creamy gel formula that activates into a rich foam.

Hydrating water cream

Creams have the unique ability to rebalance skin by moisturising and evening tone. With hundreds of micronized calendula petals and the highest concentration of Calendula Extract, our Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream can actually help to reduce redness in skin over time. Apply this cream for highly absorbed nutrient-rich moisture.

Enriching face mask

Paragraph: When skin feels particularly, dry, tight, or dull, face masks offer intense hydration that works to improve the look and feel of skin. As a component of your proactive calendula routine, you can address stressed skin with the Calendula Petal-Infused Calming Face Mask. To experience cooling hydration, apply to your entire face or to stressed areas of skin.


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