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One of the most potent steps in a routine, facial serums are designed to support specific skincare goals. Kiehl’s plant-powered serums deliver a range of antioxidants, humectants, acids and extracts to improve the feel and appearance of texture and tone.

Best serum for you skin concerns

Which serum is best for face depends on your skin type and concerns. Different formulas can be implemented to help brighten, hydrate and even address signs of ageing. In this guide we’ll run through the best serum for dry face types, oily, sensitive and mature. See which formula can enhance your skin’s radiance ahead.

Is serum good for your face?

Lightweight in texture and molecular structure, serums are able to reach multiple layers of skin. Thanks to this, each formula’s efficacious skincare ingredients – like retinol, vitamin C and salicylic acid – can work deeply to visibly improve the quality of skin.

Whether you’re using a face serum for acne prone concerns or skin discolouration, this skincare step is applied onto dry skin directly after cleansing and toning. Facial serums can be formulated for morning or evening use (or both), and sit in the following spot within a regime:

  1. Cleanser and/or exfoliator
  2. Toner
  3. Serum
  4. Eye cream
  5. Face cream
  6. Facial oil
  7. SPF (in morning)

What are the best serums for your face?

For best results your skincare products should align with your skin type and concerns. But with so much choice out there, it can be tricky to pinpoint the most beneficial formula for you. When selecting a serum (and any other skincare product), always consider the main support your skin needs and the biggest concerns you want to address. To make finding a face serum for glowing skin simple, we’ve broken down our range and their separate benefits and functions.

Face serum for dry skin

Hydro-Plumping Serum Concentrate

Dry skin types will be well acquainted with the concerns that this serum addresses. When moisture content and sebum (skin’s natural oil) is lacking, the resulting look and feel in skin can include dulled complexions and tight or sallow skin texture. To help regain a plump, bouncy appearance and soft texture, this face serum for dry skin is packed with deeply hydrating properties. Included is 15% concentrate glycerin, a humectant which can draw in and retain moisture, and epidermal filler, which encourages skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. Key benefits of this serum include reducing the appearance of dullness and enhancing the feeling of elasticity.

How to use: Apply one pump of serum into hands and spread evenly over skin. This formula can also be used on the eye contour.


Hydro-Plumping Serum Concentrate

Hydro-Plumping Serum Concentrate

An efficacious skin plumping serum that hydrates to help skin maintain its bouncy appearance.

Old price New price NZ$ 124.00
Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum
Best Seller

Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum

A skin-strengthening serum that helps protect against skin-aging stressors and visibly reduce signs of aging.

Old price New price NZ$ 123.00

Face serum for sensitive skin

Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum

Those with sensitive skin types are especially reactive to external stress. Weather conditions, UV radiation and certain skin products can cause concerns such as tender skin sensations and redness in sensitive skin. To combat this, certain ingredients can help to increase the strength of skin layers and the skin moisture barrier. This face serum for sensitive skin includes Kiehl’s smallest molecular size of hyaluronic acid, to hydrate skin’s most vulnerable layer. Also included is adaptogenic herbal complex to protect skin from external stress.

How to use: Apply onto cleansed face and neck, morning and night. Can be used up to two times a day and under other complementary serums.  

Discover Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum.

Anti-ageing serum

Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum

Included in this formula is retinol, one of the most well-known ingredients in anti-ageing skincare. To find the best face serum for wrinkles, we recommend implementing a retinol serum. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol encourages fresh skin to surface, to help address visible signs of ageing. Included in this serum are pure retinol and ceramides, used to steadily deliver anti-ageing benefits alongside supportive moisture content.

How to use: In morning or night, apply to cleansed skin – including around the under-eye area. Follow with a thick-textured moisturiser and broad-spectrum SPF.

Discover Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum.

Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum
Best Seller

Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum

The Daily Micro-Dose Skin-Renewing Retinol Serum is a potent daily retinol serum which visibly reduces wrinkles, firms skin and refines the feel of skin's texture. Suitable for all skin types, the Kiehl's Micco-Dose Skin-Renewing Daily Retinol Serum is the best retinol for beginners and those with sensitive skin.

Old price New price NZ$ 189.00
Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution
Best Seller

Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution

A dark spot serum that helps visibly reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and post-acne marks. Formulated with Activated Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid, this powerful duo of ingredients will help reduce discolouration, increase skin clarity and renew the look of skin. Kiehl's Dark Spot Solution is also paraben-free. Enjoy this dark spots correcting glow serum now!

Old price New price NZ$ 123.00

Skin brightening serum

Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution

Skin discolouration and dark spots can result from hyperpigmentation, post-blemish marks, ageing and sun exposure. To address this, a vitamin C face serum for glowing skin can help to increase skin’s brightness. This brightening formula contains activated C, which allows you to implement vitamin C serum in a stabilised and efficacious format. Also included is peony extract and salicylic acid, to help visibly reduce skin discolourations and boost oxidative protection.

How to use: Morning or night, apply a few drops to hands and spread over skin. Can also be used to address visible discolouration on hands, neck and chest.

Discover Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution.

Face serum for men’s skin

Age Defender Power Serum

Men’s skin is up to 20% thicker, and men’s skincare is designed to support this structural difference. For anti-ageing support, strengthening extracts can be beneficial to men’s skin. This serum contains adenosine, a derivative of yeast fermentation, which can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also included is cypress extract to encourage skin strength.

How to use: Avoiding the eye area, apply a few drops over skin. Can be used morning and night.

Discover Age Defender Power Serum

Age Defender Power Serum

Age Defender Power Serum

An anti-wrinkle serum for men that visibly firms skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Old price New price NZ$ 104.00
One size available for Age Defender Power Serum
75 ml
Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum

Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum

The Kiehl's wrinkle-reducing night serum with Retinol helps to advance skin surface cell renewal. As our most concentrated dose of retinol to date, our innovative powder-to-serum technology allows a fresh, highly concentrated formula to sink into the skin.

Old price New price NZ$ 222.00
One size available for Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum
28 ml

Evening serum

Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum

Our skin behaves differently while we sleep. During this time, the skin cell cycle gets to work, allowing ingredients to absorb deeper into skin. This provides a great opportunity to address skin concerns such as visible ageing signs, dullness or dryness. As mentioned above, retinol is especially efficacious at tackling these symptoms of skin stress. We recommend implementing a retinol face serum for glowing skin when you wake. Intended for evening use, this formula imparts fast acting 0.3% retinol in a stabilised format.

How to use: Apply a pea sized drop over cleansed skin. Use as part of evening routine.

Discover Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum.

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