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While many of us hope to leave acne-prone skin behind in our teenage years, blemishes can happen to anyone at any time. Whether you’re looking to manage existing breakouts or wondering how to get rid of acne scars, learning from the Kiehl’s experts is a great place to start.

We’ve put together a guide to skincare for acne-prone skin, as well as some advice on how to minimise post-acne hyperpigmentation. Keep reading for our expert tips!

acne prone

What is acne-prone skin?

Acne-prone skin is a common skin concern that happens when your complexion becomes prone to blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes and more serious cysts. Skin can become prone to acne at any age and this concern may come and go. Blemishes occur when your sebaceous glands (oil glands attached to your hair follicles) produce too much sebum. This natural skin oil is usually hydrating and protective, but too much sebum can block pores, causing blemishes..

What causes acne-prone skin?

When you’re thinking about what causes pimples, several different factors might be to blame for your blemishes. Changing or unbalanced hormone levels can trigger acne-prone skin due to excess sebum production. Certain skincare ingredients and medications can also be to blame. Lifestyle factors such as your sleep habits, stress levels and diet can also play a part in acne-prone skin.

acne prone

How to prevent acne-prone skin

In terms of how to prevent pimples, there are a range of ways you can adjust your habits to actively prevent new blemishes.

Keep your face clean

Wash your face twice a day to remove impurities, dead skin cells and excess sebum that could otherwise lead to breakouts. Remember, you don’t need to use harsh soaps and scrubs or wash your face more often, otherwise you risk aggravating your skin.

Watch what you use on your hair

You might not realise the extent to which your hair touches your skin, especially if you have a fringe. Try to avoid using heavy leave in products in your hair, because they can clog your pores.

Stop touching your face

The temptation to pick and pop pimples can be strong, but you should avoid this at all costs! Touching your face spreads bacteria, leading to irritation and increasing the risk of post-acne pigmentation.

Use makeup sparingly

Heavy makeup formulas can cause skin congestion by blocking pores, so make sure your makeup is labelled as non-comedogenic. It can also be useful to give your skin some makeup free days and be sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin each night.

Reduce stress

Heightened levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) can trigger visible skin inflammation linked to acne-prone skin.

Implement a targeted skincare routine

There are many ingredients that can help manage acne-prone skin and the associated scarring. Adjusting your skincare routine to include blemish fighting ingredients is one of the most effective steps you can take to manage your skin.

acne prone

What is acne pigmentation?

Sometimes, when a blemish heals a dark spot will be left in its place. These spots are known as acne pigmentation scars or hyperpigmentation and they happen when blemishes trigger an overproduction of melanin, the protein that gives skin its colour.

How to manage acne-prone skin with Kiehl’s

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a couple of blackheads or a cluster of blemishes, the best way to get rid of acne prone skin and breakouts is by sticking to a skincare routine enriched with efficacious ingredients.

Read on to learn the best Kiehl’s products formulated to help with acne-prone skin and post-blemish pigmentation.

Ultra Facial Cleanser

It’s important not to strip too much of your skin’s natural protective oils, even if you have an oily skin type. That’s why you should add a hydrating and gentle formula like our Ultra Facial Cleanser to your routine. This mild cleanser features hydrating squalane, vitamin E and avocado oil to banish impurities from your complexion without a drying effect.

Blue Herbal Spot Treatment

Our Blue Herbal Spot Treatment combines salicylic acid with a potent combination of efficacious botanicals including ginger root extract and frankincense extract. Salicylic acid is one of the best ingredients for oily skin, while the botanicals provide a comforting touch. Use this product to help manage acne-prone skin caused by excessive oiliness. We recommend this spot treatment for younger complexions.

Breakout Control Targeted Acne Spot Treatment

If you’re experiencing adult acne, we recommend looking for a product enriched with sulphur and vitamin B3 like our Breakout Control Targeted Acne Spot Treatment. This treatment integrates easily into your existing routine due to its invisible, easy to layer formula.

Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution

Our Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution provides deep, visible correction and breakthrough clarity for your post-blemish marks. This face serum visibly brightens dark spots and increases skin radiance over time, through the power of vitamin C, peony extract and more.

Loved this guide to how to stop breakouts and manage scarring? Read our article Dark Spots on Skin: Causes and Prevention Tips for even more tips on how to achieve an even toned complexion.


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